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“I’ve always yearned all my life to be part of philanthropic work and Health Promotion South Africa (HPSA) gave me that opportunity. With HPSA, I believe I am where I need to be and as a Health Promoter there’s a lot that I’m doing to reach my philanthropic goal.

What distinguishes us and acts as my motivation to work here is that I’m aware that the need for health education is such a huge need but has been neglected for decades both by the state and the stakeholders.

Health Promotion South Africa is now providing just that need. It is habitual that African communities are interested in community activities only when they anticipate an immediate material gain but with our workshops, there’s been an exception.

People are so interested in the information we teach, a proof that they needed it but never knew how and where to get it.They don’t mind that we don’t give them other incentives like food parcels in our workshops because they acknowledge that it is very important.

All these coupled with the fact that I can see empirical proof that the information is making a difference in the lives of the people, is what makes me enthusiastic about the job.”

George Arrey

Chief Executive Officer & Senior Health Promoter

Health promotors

Health promotor

Our Health Promoters offer healthcare workshops at a very easy to understand, grassroots level. The workshops aim at giving relevant, practical and above all preventative advice to non-professional audiences.

Mother and child

Mother and child
This first pillar vertical has been designed to encompass all the education programs relating specifically to a mother from the stage of conception through to birth, and the early years of the child’s life.


This pillar looks at all educational programs to preserve health, preventing the spread of disease and what one can do within this context to equip themselves to deal with such issues.


Comparatively this pillar will encompass those health issues that are reflected through lifestyle choices, for example chronic lifestyle illnesses and diet.

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“Health will finally be seen not as a blessing to be wished for, but as a human right to be fought for.”
KOFI A. ANNAN, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

With your support the Health Promoters will be able to penetrate deeper into the local communities and have a greater impact on changing health behaviors’ and attitudes. Please consider helping us to acquire funds to ensure a solid financial basis for the execution of our mission: Prevention through Education. There are many ways to support the Health Promoters.


“Health Promotion South Africa Trust has made a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of many South Africans that are being trained.”
Naomi Claassen, Center Director, University of Cape Town
“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for allowing the Protea Hotel Sea Point to be the pilot hotel in South Africa to implement the Health Promoters @ Work programme.”
Janneman Britz, General Manager Protea Hotel Sea Point, Cape Town
” I believe that the grassroots approach of the Health Promotion South Africa Trust is really making a difference and I therefore support this organisation wholeheartedly. “

Gerian Alofs Coordinator Minor Social Development Work, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, Netherlands
“We are delighted to welcome the Health Promoters South Africa to ReproNet-Africa. ReproNet-Africa as a consortium of various sexual and reproductive health (SRH) advocacy, research and training organizations recognizes the power in collaboration and therefore values your membership.”

Nkunda Vundamina, Project Coordinator, ReproNet-Africa
“You continue to inspire me and everyone who meets you who are sincere in the love of humanity.”

J.E. Rash, Founder/President Legacy International, USA
“We need to have Health Promoters in every street corner of the township instead of bars, they are really helping our people.”

Prof. Lars O. Kallings Former UN Secretary General's special envoy on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Founding President of the International AIDS Society.
“I am very honered to have had the opportunity to experience the great work of the Health Promoters South African Trust.”

Jazmin. S. Archer, Former Student The George Washington University, USA
“Health Promotion Trust South Africa is a very hard working organization, dedicated to his healthand humanitarian objectives with a hearth for the common wellbeing of ordinary people.”

Ndubuisi Elvis Iruh, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief THE VOICE
“Your numerous successful projects have impacted the health and wellness of many, particularly in developing countries, and areas with underserved populations.”

Dr. Jeff Balch, Director Research & Evaluation European Parliamentarians with Africa
“Health Promoters is a dedicated organization that educates and save lives of the most vulnerable human beings in the country.”

Jimmy Earl Perry, DIRECTOR: Educational Theatre/Africa Centre for HIV & AIDS Management, Stellenbosch, South Africa
“We look forward to exploring how we can create increased value for our shared communities through working together and we value the opportunity to work with an organization whose vision and mission resonate so strongly with our work.”

Nicole le Roux, Director of I Am Somebody!, South Arica
“We support the efforts of Dr. h.c. Harold Robles and his team on the ground wholeheartedly and commit our school to been part of their programme.”

Branmal Swartz, Principal Norma Road Primary,Athlone, South Africa
“‘The Health Promoters have become the talk of the township with referrals coming from all over the Western Cape.”

Louise Fourie, Managing Director Legacy Community Development, Stellenbosch, South Africa