How we educate


Each Health Promoter lives in the community where he or she works.

Health & Hygiene

The Health Promoters are teaching health and hygiene in the local language.

Important factors

These two factors greatly improve the way our participants learn about looking after their health.


We are passionate about teaching and learning, as people's lives are changed and often saved, by the work that we do.

Educators & Workshops

  • Our educators are trained to achieve high levels of teaching expertise, and are often evaluated by an expert as they teach.
  • The workshops are practical, interactive, supportive, fun and at a level all participants can understand and learn from.
  • We use Power Points, concrete apparatus like models of the body, pictures, real demonstrations (like how to make a hydrating solution), games and role-plays to help improve learning and change attitudes and motivation.
  • Our educators are monitored carefully, in terms of how they teach, as well as how supportive they are of their attendees.
  • We also ask our participants to evaluate our performance, by filling out evaluation sheets (if they can, or get a friend to do so).
  • We also, on occasion, use a qualitative process, called MeSure, to evaluate our clients’ perceptions of their learning and our work.